Grace Bible Reformed University

Forward with Christian Education

Certificate Program

The basic GBRU Certificate program provides solid Biblical education as well as letting the student hone skills to be used in later education. If the program is passed the student may then apply to the Bachelors program and by completing additional assignments may have the work count toward the degree. This is true at each level. 

Certificate Program Descriptions

Certificate in Theological Studies

Program for non-degree seeking student who want to study course in Bible, theology, ministry, church history and missions. The professor determines the appropriate amount of home work and assigns grades. 

The Certificate Program in Bachelor Theological Studies

Designed for non-degree seeking students who want to study academically at the Bachelor level, this program consists of ten (10) courses in Biblical, theological, ministerial, missions, church history, and liberal arts studies, or a combination of these,  from the Bachelor Degree program.


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