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Doctor of Ministry

The DMIN and PhD are educational leadership degrees and form the core of the academic development of GBRU courses and leadership. These degrees are oriented toward developing educational materials for the training of believers worldwide and especially for those coming through the GBRU system of education. Write the Academic Dean for details and application to both DMin and PhD.

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

The D.Min. program is only available for those who are teaching, or will teach, in GBRU


The D.Min. is orientated to students writing theological curriculum that will be functional in international theological education.


  1. A Masters of Theological Studies (M.A.T.S.) or its equivalent 60 academic hour master degree (Students with a non-theological degree need at least 45 academic hours of master level theological courses)
  2. Active in theological training at graduate and/or post-graduate level
  3. Willing to have course materials be posted on GBRU web site and be used for a GBRU course
  4. Recommended by an ecclesiastical body as a church member in full communion
  5. Approved by the GBRU Academic Dean.
  6. Able to demonstrate that studies can be completed in 5 years.

Program Goals

  • Provide mentorship for theological curriculum developers by D.Min. and Ph.D. credentialed professors of education and theology
  • Produce theological curriculum materials in different languages.
  • Prepare the graduates to be doctoral program mentors in their language and field of work.
  • Develop teams of doctoral mentors to develop contextualized courses for regional study centers.


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