Grace Bible Reformed University

Forward with Christian Education

Admission reqirements.

  1. Desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. You need to have a calling to do God's work.
  2. Applicants should be able to listen, read and understand what they study
  3. We accept all applicants regardless of education school
  4. GBRU welcomes transfer students too
  5. GBRU will welcome transfer students

Registration requirements

  1. Fill and sign applications forms
  2. Provide us with two references (pastoral, educational)
  3. Personal testimony (no more than 2pages)
  4. Academica documents
  5. Inmate identification
  6. For non inmates provide licence or passport picture

How to apply

First read and fulfill registration requirements above.

Print and send us all registration forms in the mail or email

Wait for our email of approval

After approved we will send you registration fee as well as course fee invoice

Once you pay, we will send you login details to our official website for online courses

Then you are good to start your courses at your own pace.


Admission Requirements for Complete Chaplaincy Program

Qualifications  --------------------------- Send education information

Personal profile--------------------------Testimony of your calling

Religious affiliation----------------------Church or denomination you belong too

Recommendation letters ------------- Sign all applications forms we need

Donation (fees) -------------------------Contributions for your program 


            Tuition--------------------------- See our school catalogue

            CPE------------------------------ Be able to do this course with us in order to complete the program.

Associate church membership-------You are required to be an associate member of Grace Bible Reformed Church

            GBRC for trial purposes-----You will be reqired to lead some church services as part of your teaching course

Background check---------------------- You will be required to be a volunteer of one of the prisons, therefore able to pass backgound check.



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