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History of Grace Bible reformed University

Grace Bible Reformed University has a history and that history starts with Rev. Dr. Edward Kavimba Lungu. Dr. Lungu is a graduate of Justo Mwale University in Zambia, Kuyper College and Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids Michigan, Cincinnati Christian University in Cincinnati Ohio, International theological seminary of California and Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary in Indiana.

Dr. Lungu is an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in Zambia as well as Reformed Church in America. Dr. Lungu is the founder and president of Moyo Africa Foundation, pastor of Grace Bible Reformed Church and full time prison chaplain with CoreCivic.

Dr. Lungu loves the Lord Jesus Christ and since 1994 he has been involved in prison ministry. He has seen hundreds and thousands of inmates come to know Jesus Christ. Dr. Lungu has also seen many religious workers helping inmates learn more of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of these religious volunteers need lots of help and education in how to preach and teach the word of God from the Holy Bible.

Moreover some of these religious volunteers preach and teach larger groups of inmates in prison than well qualified pastors have in some of their churches. Yet some of these volunteers have never attended or learnt any theological education.

 This is the trigger for Grace Bible Reformed University to be formed in 2015, to help both inmates and religious workers learn more of the Bible and how to teach it to the inmates. Dr. Lungu has experience in prison ministry both as a religious volunteers and a prison chaplain. 

Now the Vision and Mission of Grace Bible Reformed University has grown to include all people regardless of color, race, nationality and ethnic background to study with the school. Grace Bible Reformed University trains Christian chaplains, pastors, evangelists, leaders and teachers. 


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