Grace Bible Reformed University (GBRU) governance follows after The Anglo-American Model. Corporations that follow after this model have board directors and stakeholders as governing machines of the entity. At this time GBRU does not have stakeholders.

GBRU governance model consists of.

  • Board of Directors
  • Stakeholders but not now
  • Students
  • Disciples
  • Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Preachers

Board of Directors 

Board of Directors are chosen within the corporation. All board members are volunteers to the company.


Stakeholders invest their gifts and talents into the corporation. 

Both board directors and stakeholders help to run the corporation. Both groups should have great communications and make good policies for the company.


Students are the backbone of GBRU, and without them, there is no University. All people called by God through Jesus Christ are free to study at GBRU. The University has a non-discrimination policy whereby all people of all races and nationalities can get admitted to the school once approved.


GBRU vision and mission centers on discipleship. GBRU disciples are those believers in Christ, able to study, teach, preach the gospel and visit their students/members in groups they are in charge of. A disciple must have 1 to 10 students he/she is taking care of. Some students can also be disciples.


Leaders can lead a group of 10 to 20 students. Leaders help students in matters of administration and school policies.


These are the teachers of theology. These teachers have experience and education in subjects they teach. The highest qualification a teacher can be in GBRU is PhD. And all GBRU teachers with teaching experience and Doctorate / PhD are called professors. 


Administrators administer people and also make and enforce policies made by board directors. The highest position an administrator can have in GBRU is President.


Preachers preach the word of God as written in the Holy Bible. Preachers in GBRU should agree with creed and confessions found in the book called The Bedroom of Adam and Eve written by the president and founder of GBRU Dr Edward Kavimba Lungu. Highest position a preacher can be is to be an ordained minister of the word and sacraments. 

Grace Bible Reformed Church (GBRC)

All, board directors, students, disciples, teachers, administrators and preachers are members of Grace Bible Reformed Church (GBRC).