<h4>Principles and Values of Grace Bible Reformed University</h4>

Principles and Values of Grace Bible Reformed University

1. Love God with all our hearts and mind and Love others as we love ourselves.

2. Education is based on the inspired word of God in the Holy Bible through the Holy Spirit.

3. Accepted by God through faith in Jesus Christ therefore we can accept others of all races and nationalities.

4. Devoted to God alone and dedicated to following school policy and procedures.

5. Integrity – Be honest to God, self, others and organization and adherence to moral and ethical principles.

6. Trust – Be trustworthy even when someone is not looking at you.

7. Love – Be professional profoundly tender to all people.

8. Passion – Be Enthusiastic about our work to fulfil the vision and mission of the organization.

9. Loyalty - Be faithful to sovereign, government, leader, cause, organization and to commitments or obligations.

10. Respect – Respect all people and see them all as God image bearers and treat them and each other well.

11. Confidence – Belief in the good abilities and qualities of ourselves and others.

12. Commitment – Promise to do the best to support each other and the community.

13. Creativity – Using our skills and imagination to deliver quality to the community’s.

14. Contribution – Actions and service that help our community.

15. Flexibility – Ability to work in any conditions and situations.

16. Innovation – Introducing new ideas and ways of doing things in the community.

17. Perseverance – Continuing to try to achieve our goals despite any challenges and difficulties

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