Non-Certificate  $50 Graduate          $100 Ecclesiastical                $100
Certificate          $50 Post graduate   $100 Hardship Schalaship    $1,000
Undergraduate  $75 Staff funds        $ 75 CPE                               $600

Prices shown above are for one course. Grace Bible Reformed University offers lowest prices for the course ever.


How do I pay for my program?

1. You can pay through ZELLE: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Pay to Grace Bible Reformed University. Before paying the whole amount, pay 2 or 3 dollars to make sure you paying to the  right bank. Ask school administrator if they received your money. If they say YES, then pay the remaining amount.

2. You can pay through MAIL: Grace Bible Reformed University. P.O. Box 2932, Florence AZ85132 USA.

3. You can pay through our DONATION FOR COURSES. This is our main way of getting all fees from students.

4. You can pay through Paypal button here