Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)

The Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) program typically includes a range of core courses that provide students with a solid foundation in theological studies. While specific course offerings may vary depending on the institution, here are some common core courses you might encounter in a B.Th. program:

Biblical Studies: Old Testament Foundations and New Testament Foundations. This course delves into the study of the Bible, including both the Old and New Testaments. Students explore biblical texts, historical context, literary analysis, and theological themes.

Systematic Theology 1 and 2: Systematic theology examines fundamental Christian doctrines and beliefs. Topics covered may include the nature of God, Christology, soteriology (salvation), eschatology (end times), and the Holy Spirit.

Church History 1 and 2: Church history courses trace the development of Christianity from its early beginnings to the present day. Students learn about key figures, events, and movements that have shaped the Church.

Ethics and Moral Theology: This course explores ethical principles and moral decision-making within a Christian context. Topics may include social justice, bioethics, and personal ethics, politics, social media,

Pastoral Theology: Pastoral theology equips students for ministry and leadership roles within the Church. It covers pastoral care, preaching, counseling, and practical aspects of ministry. Systematic Visitation.

World Religions and Comparative Theology: Students study various world religions, their beliefs, practices, and cultural contexts. Comparative theology encourages dialogue and understanding across religious traditions.

Hermeneutics and Exegesis: Hermeneutics focuses on interpreting biblical texts, while exegesis involves analyzing and understanding scripture. These courses teach critical reading skills and methods.

Practical Ministry Skills: Courses in practical ministry provide hands-on training. Topics may include worship leadership, evangelism, mission work, chaplaincy, and community outreach.

Biblical Greek: Learn to read the New Testament in Greek with a biblical Greek minor. The program will introduce you to the foundational vocabulary, grammar, and literary features used by the New Testament writers. You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for dealing with questions about the nature of the Bible, the history of the original-language text, and the various approaches to translation. These unique tools will enable you to better understand, interpret, and communicate the message of God’s Word.

Biblical Hebrew: Learn to read Old Testament in hebrew with minor in Biblical Hebrew. Program will introduce lots of grammar, vocabulary and literary features used by Old Testament writers.

Apologetics: Defending christian faith.

Chaplaincy: Jail, prison, hospital, hospice, military ministries and many others that fall in the same category.

Christian Education: How to teach in Christian schools.

Christian counseling: Counsling in christian schools and churches.

Christian behavior speciallist: How to deal with behavior, mental, atistic, disable and any other special needs people/person with the eye of Jesus.

Christian leardership: Leading like Christ.

How long does it take to finish Bachelor of theology program?

At GBRU it normally takes Two to Three years depending of situations students find themselves into.

What can I do with a Bachelor of Theology degree (ThB)


Youth pastor

Youth Director

Worship Pastor


Leadership roles in many orgaizations including the church.

Christian educator

Christian counselor

Christian behavior specialist

Reformed tradition.

At GBRU ThB is taught from the reformed point of view but anyone can apply and be accepted to sudy even if coming from other denomination with different belief systems.

When can I start the program?

When you apply you will be informed when the program starts. Very likely it starts in August of each year.

Where can I take the program?

On campus and online.

Will I get scholarship if I fail to pay all the amount of the course?

Yes and it depends on your case

How much does the bachelor of theology degree cost?

Price coming soon. Wait for the chart with prices.

Do I have to write a thesis or major paper at the end of the program?

No. All will be required of you are abunch of  papers, essays, readings, quizzes, homework and practical projects.

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