Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is a comprehensive program that equips individuals for various Christian ministry roles.

MDiv core courses typically included in an MDiv curriculum:

Biblical Studies:

Old Testament: Exploration of the Hebrew Bible, its historical context, and theological themes.

New Testament: Study of the Christian Scriptures, including the life of Jesus, early Christian communities, and theological implications.

Biblical Languages (Greek and Hebrew): Introduction to the original languages of the Bible, enabling students to engage with the text more deeply.


Systematic Theology: Examination of foundational Christian doctrines, such as the nature of God, Christology, and pneumatology.

Historical Theology: Survey of theological developments throughout church history.

Apologetics Theology: Christian defence of the faith. Reflection on contemporary theological and apologetic issues and their relevance to ministry.

Philosophy: Exploration of philosophical concepts and their intersection with theology.

Christian Ethics: Discussion of moral principles and ethical decision-making within a Christian framework.

Ministry Leadership or Pastoral theology:

Practical Skills for Ministry: Training in pastoral care, preaching, worship, and administration.

Contextual Education: Practical experience in ministry settings, including internships and fieldwork. Students will be required to have one year of internship.

Spiritual Formation: Nurturing personal spirituality and character development.

Mentored Formation: Guided mentorship to cultivate pastoral skills and emotional intelligence.

Evengelism and revival: Learn one on one witnessing and also group or large group of people restoring their faith.

Optional Concentrations:

Students can choose from various concentrations based on their vocational interests. Some examples include: Biblical Preaching: Focusing on effective sermon preparation and delivery. Chaplaincy: Preparing for specialized ministry in hospitals, prisons, or the military. Christian Formation: Exploring discipleship, spiritual growth, and education. Leadership: Enhancing leadership skills within ministry contexts. Theology, Justice, and Social Advocacy: Engaging with social issues from a theological perspective. Political Theology; Social media theology; Christian education; Christian counseling; Christian behaviour specialist; Revival and Evangelism. Remember that the MDiv degree provides a solid foundation for roles such as pastors, missionaries, church planters, chaplains, and parachurch ministry staff. It also serves as a stepping stone for further doctoral-level studies. Each seminary may have slight variations in its MDiv curriculum, but these core elements are common across programs


Vocational Formation:

9 credits Cornerstone Courses:

8 credits Core:

49 credits Electives:

21 credits (15 for those seeking candidacy in GBRC)

On Campus & Online Get your Master of Divinity in Arizona! Experience true community, below-market housing (optional), and a vibrant city at your fingertips. You can also choose to complete your MDiv mostly online.

Reformed Tradition

GBRU prepares students in the Reformed tradition of the Christian faith. Our teaching and formation grow from a shared understanding of God’s Word as articulated in the Reformed confessions. However, you do not need to be a member of the GBRU, nor seeking ordination in the GBRC, to complete an MDiv (or any academic program) at GBRU.

Vocational Formation & Contextual Learning

In addition to their classroom work, MDiv students work closely with the Vocational Formation Office and are placed in a contextual learning context in order to enrich their studies and provide them on-the-ground experience. These placements, which are based on the student’s ministry and vocational interests, are assigned early in a student’s program, often within the first year. Explore the Vocational Formation Office

How long does MDiv take?

The MDiv program at Grace Bible Reformed University is designed to be completed in 3–4 years.


A terminal degree is the highest degree in one’s field. While doctorate-level programs (for example, PhD, DMin) are available from some theological schools, the MDiv is generally regarded as the terminal degree for pastors.


As a ministry of Grace Bible Reformed Church in North America, GBRU is the preferred Christian University for preparation for ordination as Minister of the Word in the denomination. Our MDiv program includes all the required elements to become a candidate for minister of the Word.

How to Apply

A significant number of our students have not formally studied religion and theology prior to attending seminary. Students come from a range of educational backgrounds, from the sciences to the arts and humanities.