The Master of Theology (ThM) program at Grace Bible Reformed University allows MDiv and MTS graduates to explore key aspects of biblical studies, theological studies, or pastoral care. Deepen your knowledge in a specific area of teaching or ministry and become equipped for future doctoral work. Students can complete their studies as a full-time student either in one or two years

What Is a ThM Degree?

The ThM is a Master of Theology.

The Master of Theology (ThM) program is a post-MDiv and/or post-MTS program designed for advanced study and academic research in a specialized area of the theological curriculum. This allows you to focus on a particular field or to prepare for doctoral-level work through a one- to two-year

ThM program and a capstone thesis or a major research paper.

In short, the ThM program builds on the foundation of your MDiv or MTS degree to bring a new level of study and scholarship, to edify the church and the world.

What Can You Do with a master's in theology?

Here are just some of the roles held by Christian leaders with a ThM degree:


Youth pastor or youth director

Worship pastor or worship director

Ministry pastor or ministry director

Worship pastor or worship director

Parachurch ministry leader

Denominational ministry leader

Missionary PhD student

Nonprofit leader

School administrator


Our Master of Theology Program

A Flexible Curriculum to Match Your Concentration Interests

The ThM program offers a variety of concentrations, including:

Old Testament: Are you ready to dig into the narratives of the Old Testament? Do you enjoy reading ancient Scriptures through a Christ-centered lens? This concentration offers an in-depth look at the Old Testament of God’s living Word.

New Testament: Does the life of Jesus, as well as the acts of the early church, excite you? Do you pore over Scripture with an eagerness to understand more deeply? This concentration offers an up-close look at the New Testament of God’s living Word.

History of Christianity: If you love studying history and the life of the global church, this concentration offers you a deeper study of the development of Christian communities over time.

Missiology: How does a missional perspective change the way we live? How can we share the Gospel with truth and grace? How can cross-cultural ministry honor all involved? Explore these questions and more through a concentration in missiology.

Systematic Theology: What is theology? Why does it matter? What is the story being told in the whole of Scripture? Explore these questions and more through the systematic theology concentration.

Philosophical and Moral Theology: For students who have a passion for ethical living, personally and communally, this concentration offers a philosophical and practical look at moral theology. If you are drawn to the work of thought-provoking authors throughout time, energized by philosophical conversations with your peers, and curious about the implications of philosophy for the church and the world, this concentration is also your key to open doors of the mind.

Pastoral Care: For students who are preparing for vocations in pastoral care, this concentration expands learning in areas of best practices in faith-based care for communities of believers and the public.

Apologetic: Defense of the faith. Immerse study of how to explain and defend christian faith.

Worship: Immerse yourself in a concentration that highlights the history, role, and various expressions of worship. Worship leaders, church leaders, and all with a passion for glorifying God together are welcome.

Historical theology: Study of how Christian theology evolved through time.

ThM Degree in Arizona or Online

The in-person program allows you to learn in our newly remodeled smart building. In person program will allow you to be part of the community. The online, synchronous program is consistent with residential coursework but offers the flexibility of remote study. You will log in (from anywhere!) at specific times to share in live learning opportunities.

Reformed Tradition

The ThM program, and all Grace Bible Reformed University programs, are taught from a Reformed perspective. However, students from a variety of Christian backgrounds are embraced at GBRU and make our community ecumenically rich.


After you have finished your MDiv or MTS, the ThM takes an additional 1–2 years to complete.


The ThM program is designed to achieve these key learning outcomes:

Academic mastery: Students have academic mastery in a specific theological discipline.

Sound scholarship:  Students can engage in sound scholarship that exhibits independent inquiry, academic research, critical analysis, and scholarly writing.

Understanding theological approaches:  Students can articulate both their own tradition’s perspective on their area of specialization and the strengths and weaknesses of other theological approaches.

Virtuous analysis: Students exhibit the fruit of the Spirit by providing thoughtful, fair, and respectful analyses and interpretations that recognize the strengths of positions with which they disagree and the weaknesses of positions with which they agree.

Respectful dialogue: Students can persuasively articulate their own theological positions as well as engage in informed, respectful dialogue with other points of view.

Diversity of perspective: Through exposure to fellow students from around the world and to scholarly literature representing diverse points of view, students appreciate the ways in which various cultural and religious contexts challenge and enrich theological reflection.

Edification: Students engage in theology that strengthens the church’s biblical and theological understanding and its ministry.


The ThM degree is not a required step along the path to ordination. However, the relevant coursework of a ThM could enrich your service in ordained ministry.

How to Apply

Your ThM program could be just an application away. You are encouraged to take the first step by applying now and submitting supplemental materials through our application process. This simple step could start you on the path to a degree and vocation you love, supported by a community that is theologically rich, academically rigorous, and warmly hospitable.